Thursday 24th April 2014

The Tesco Gift Card

Tesco Gift Card


If so, you can help us to raise lots of money for sportKES and it won't cost you a penny!

It's simple:

We buy Tesco Gift Voucher Cards in bulk and enjoy up to 5% discount. These Cards are as good as cash to the full face value of the card. You simply buy a Card from us and spend it as you wish at any Tesco store, garage or online.

So every 50 Gift Voucher Card you buy, you can spend up to 50 - and until you spend the full 50, any balance is left on your card until you have spent it all. It's rather like a charge card with 50 of credit!

Now just imagine how you can help sportKES. If every pupil's parents bought just 50 per month throughout 2007, we would raise 15,000.

How to buy your Gift Cards

Tesco Gift Voucher Cards are available in multiples of 50.

To help cut-down on administration, we would prefer to receive payments by Bank Standing Order or by scheduled internet bank transfer, but if you prefer, you can send a cheque each month.

Either way, we really would appreciate your support - so please join our scheme now. After all, what have you got to lose?

To receive a copy of the Standing Order mandate or details of how to pay through internet banking or for answers to any questions you may have, please contact Phil Grellier sportKES Treasurer - by email

Thank you.