Thursday 17th April 2014

The sportKES constitution

• The name of the association is King Edward VI School Sports Association, which may be referred to as ‘KES Sports Association’.

• The objective/purpose of KES Sports Association is to support the availability of the widest range of extra-curricular sports activities to the whole school community, to encourage the active engagement of parents and to enable the participation of pupils in sports tours.

• Membership is open to all parents/guardians whose son attends King Edward VI School or is an old boy of the school.

• The Management Framework of the committee consists of a chairperson, secretary, treasurer, vice chairperson, teacher representative and committee members.

• The Management Committee members and their roles are as follows: chairperson, secretary, treasurer, vice chairperson, teacher representative, minutes secretary, Tesco gift cards organiser, 200 club organiser and marketing and website organiser.
For details of persons in post see minutes of AGM.

• The duties of the Fund Treasurer are:
- to manage the bank accounts and income and expenditure
- to produce an annual report to be audited by the independent school auditor
- to report back to the committee

• Management Committee meetings occur once every half term and occasionally more frequently depending on the timetabling of fund raising events.

• The AGM will be held in November of each year. Not less than 2 weeks notice of the meeting together with the agenda shall be given to the Members. Notice of motions and nominations of officers and committee shall be given to the secretary not less than 7 days before the meeting.
At least 5 committee members shall form a quorum.

• The officers and committee members are proposed and elected at the AGM.
Committee members are elected to serve for 2 years.
The committee shall have the right to co-opt additional members as and when is necessary.
Management decisions are made at committee meetings and recorded in the minutes.

• Amendments to the constitution will only be made at the AGM or at a special meeting called for this purpose and shall be approved by not less than two-thirds of those members present.

• In the event of the dissolution of the committee the monies would come under the control of the school and be ring fenced to be used for school extra-curricular sports under the guidance of the school signatories after all outstanding debts and liabilities are settled.

This constitution was adopted at the Special meeting held on 7th February 2011 becoming immediately effective.