Monday 21st April 2014

About sportKES - King Edward VI School Sports Association

sportKES is a voluntary committee that organises a variety of events and activities to help raise funds towards the cost of school sports tours. These include junior rugby and cricket tours and the major overseas tours.

The committee is made up of parents and KES sports teachers. And the boys themselves are encouraged to actively take part in the various fund raising efforts throughout the year.

But whether boys play for a KES team or not, these activities are a good experience in helping fellow pupils and learning the simple values of hard work, effort and enthusiasm.

So join us now!

2011 sportKES Committee Members:     

Iain Smith (Chairperson)
Brian Taylor (Vice Chair)
Phil Grellier (Treasurer)
Anne Wassell (Secretary)  
Ben Carr (Headmaster)
Colin Hunter (Head of Sport)
Roger Jenkins (Rugby)
Barry Lewis
Colin Taylor
Emma Speechley
Hamish Jenkinson
Helen Smith
Hugh Boyes
Inna Petrenko
Judith Hanlon
Keith Painter
Kevin Vincent
Mark Bos
Michael Metcalfe
Neil Jackson
Nick Gasson
Nick Kenderine
Pete Burke
Peter Barnett-Hunt
Peter Dixon
Peter Mills-Baker
Richard Mayrick
Richard Slatter
Steve Marsden
Steve Robinson
Steve Sanders-Crook